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摘 要:对SPA馆进行全面的分析,广泛的收集国内外关于SPA生活馆设计的资料,并通过研究这些SPA生活馆设计的优劣进行分析,引出自己的观点,探讨出适合本方案的设计形式。运用尽量简化空间,合理的分布每个功能空间。第一,对SPA的基本概况做一个全面的分析。第二,对项目背景国内外研究现状和一些经典SPA设计现状进行全方位的探究总结,得出自己的观点。第三就是对空间的设计的要求,空间在装饰风格上可以有所区分,但是整体格调要统一。人性化的设计与室内独特的设计要结合,可以把特色的元素和符号来表现出来。
关键词:玫瑰 SPA 设计 美容

Changsha rose about SPA life hall of interior design
Abstract: For SPA pavilion carries on the comprehensive analysis, widely collects the domestic and foreign about SPA life hall design material, and through studying these SPA life hall design are analyzed, the superiority of oneself view, discusses the design of the project the suitable form. Use try to simplify space, reasonable distribution of each function space. First, the basic situation of SPA an overall analysis. Second, to the project background research situation and some classical SPA design status summary, carry on the omni-directional explore draw their own views. The third is the design requirements of space, space is in adornment style distinguishs somewhat, but in overall style should be unified. Humanized design and unique indoor design to combine the characteristic, can the elements and symbols to show it.
Key words: Rose;SPA;design;hairdressing