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关键词  加工贸易  转型升级  对策

Processing trade appeared and has been developing quickly with reform and opening in our country .It has become a very important trade model of Dongguang city, Processing trade has contributed much to the increase of export, the better of the structure of exported commodity and balance of payment , the increase of employment ,the upgrade of industry structure and the progress of technology and economy increase .But there are still a lot of shortcomings in processing trade of Dongguang city . So it is transformation and upgrade that become the necessary choice , furthermore the whole foreign trade . And it is necessary for the adjustment , better and upgrade of industry structure .  At present , there are good chances for the transformation and upgrade of processing trade in Dongguan city , for example ,our country is one of the WTO , and multilateral and bilateral regional economy cooperation between our country and other countries . But there are also many restraint factors , for example , the shortcomings of some related policies and measures and the management system of processing trade . In order to hold the beneficial opportunities , overcome the restraint factors and realize the transformation and upgrade of processing trade in Dongguan city ,We should build up the promotion system of policy ,promote the development of processing trade .reform the management system of processing trade deeply , create beneficial condition that processing trade needs, take more measures to bring in and educate talented people ,at the same time , the processing trade enterprises should strengthen theirs ability of technology and innovation .
Key words: Processing trade; transformation and upgrade; Countermeasures

目   录   11000字
1、引言    1
2、 对加工贸易的认识    1
2.1 加工贸易的涵义    1
2.2 国内外对加工贸易理论的研究    1
3、 东莞加工贸易的现状    2
3.1东莞加工贸易发展历程    2
3.2东莞加工贸易发展的主要特点    3
3.3 东莞加工贸易发展存在的主要问题    4
4、 东莞加工贸易转型与升级的思考    4
4.1东莞加工贸易转型与升级的动因    4
4.2东莞加工贸易转型与升级的机遇    5
4.3东莞加工贸易转型与升级的方向    6
5、 东莞加工贸易转型与升级的对策建议    6
5.1 建立推动加工贸易转型升级的政策促进体系    6
5.2 积极鼓励加工贸易企业加强自身的技术研发和创新能力    7
5.3 促进加工贸易的“落地生根”    7
5.4 延长产业链,促进加工贸易配套产业发展    7
5.5 促进加工贸易人才的引进和培养    8
6、结语    8
参考文献    9
致谢    10