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摘  要:网络经济作为一种建立在信息革命基础上的新型经济形式,对传统的金融行业和金融理论造成了深刻的影响。网络金融成为本世纪金融业发展的主要潮流,进入了一个前所未有的飞速发展时期。但是,当网络金融面临巨大机遇的同时,也不可避免的面临新的问题和挑战。本文重在对网络金融具有哪些风险,这些风险为何产生,如何防范这些风险等问题进行分析研究,通过对网络金融在我国发展现状探讨研究,提出一系列有效加速我国网络金融健康发展的政策建议。

Network of Financial Risk and Its Prevention
Abstract: Network economy in the information revolution as a basis to establish a new economic form, the traditional financial sector and financial theory caused a profound impact. Network of financial development of this century the main trend of the financial industry, has entered an unprecedented period of rapid development. However, when the network is facing tremendous financial opportunities, but also inevitably face new problems and challenges. This article focuses on the network with which the financial risk, why have these risks, how to guard against these risks and other issues are analyzed, through the development of the network of financial research in China, a series of effective financial health of our network to accelerate the development of policy recommendations.
Key words: Network Finance; Risk; Prevention