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On the phenomenon of children competing for toys and educational research strategies.
关键词 争抢玩具;现象;策略

Since most children are now at the core of their families,the rest of the family members serve at the centre, so when the child enters the kindergarten, the child’s personality is more prominent, so that it is easy to compete for toys in the children’s game activities. Game is the basic activity in kindergarten life, which plays an important role to the growth of the child, we need to solve the phenomenon of children competing for toys.Childhood stage is in the critical period of physiological and psychological change, self-control ability is poor, has strong impulse, easy to conflict with others. But we can’t let children, but should begin to cultivate the children and others cooperative sharing consciousness, gradually cultivate the children’s more level, thus better promote children’s play activities,and get along with others. This paper aims at expounding the corresponding educational strategies through the phenomenon of children competing for toys.
Key words : Competition for Toys;phenomenon;tactics

摘要    I
Abstact    II
第1章 了解和分析幼儿争抢玩具的现象    1
1.1 幼儿争抢玩具的现象    1
1.2 幼儿争抢玩具的后果    1
第2章幼儿争抢玩具的原因    1
2.1.自身特点    1
2.2家庭因素    2
2.3社会因素    2
第3章探索解决幼儿争抢玩具的教育策略    2
3.1现阶段的解决问题策略    2
3.1.1教师的解决方法    3
3.1.2家长的解决方法    3
3.2总结出解决问题的合理方法    3
3.2.1教师方面    3
3.2.2家长方面    4
3.2.3社会方面    4
结论    6
参考文献    7
致谢    8