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An Analysis of American Dream in Forrest Gump
Chinese Abstract:电影《阿甘正传》是美国历史上最伟大的百部电影之一,奥巴马总统在就职演说的时候就曾经提起过“美国梦”这一概念,引起了美国人对于梦想的再度审视。《阿甘正传》正是美国梦的体现,这部电影以上美国上世纪50~80年代为背景,通过极具丰富的手法表达出了阿甘个人的成长轨迹,阿甘作为一个智商只有75的人却通过了个人努力实现了自我价值。本文通过研究美国梦的一般描述和概念,了解影片《阿甘正传》中的代表人物的美国梦,最后展望美国梦的在如今具有的现实意义。
English Abstract:Movie forrest gump is one of the greatest radix stemonae film in U.S. history, once when I was President Obama's inauguration address mentioned the concept of the "American dream", caused the American dream for review again. Forrest gump is the embodiment of the American dream, the film more than 50 ~ 80 s last century as the background in the United States, by way of the extremely rich voice the gump personal growth trajectory, forrest gump as a IQ only 75 people through the personal efforts to achieve self-worth. In this paper, by studying the general description of the American dream and concepts, understand the film forrest gump in the representative figure of the American dream, the outlook of the American dream has practical significance in nowadays.

目  录
一、绪论    3
1.1研究背景、概况及意义    3
 1.2研究主要内容    3
1.3研究步骤、方法及措施     3
1.4研究进度计划    3
2.General Description of American Dream    3
2.1 Definition of American Dream     3
2.2 Historical Background of American Dream     4
2.3 Evolution of American Dream     4
2.4 Disillusion of American Dream     5
2.5 The Influence of American Dream    6
3. Analysis of American Dram in Forrest Gumpe    6
3.1 Forrest’s American Dream    6
3.2 Jenny’s American Dream     6
3.3 Lieutenant Dan and His disillusioned dream      6
3.4 Bubba and His American Dream     7
4.American Dream    7
4.1 Encourage people to brave the pursuit of happiness    7
4.2  Admit that the American dream is insufficient    7
5.Conclusion    7
参考文献    8